Zobo (Sorrel) Milkshake

I am discovering so many new things to do with sorrel these days, its really exciting. From the moment I was able to make syrup from this really largely overlooked, exotic ingredient, it has been one discovery after another.

Once upon a time, zobo (sorrel) petals were only used to make tea/drink. The green variety was used as a soup ingredient in combination with melon seeds (obe ishapa to the Yorubas). But now, I have created a range of dishes using zobo as the main ingredient or as an added ingredient.

If processed correctly, zobo could provide the body with ample amounts of nutrients such as vitamin C and the all important antioxidants. So really, there is much to benefit from this plant and I for one, am on the mission to find as many ways as possible to consume it....from teas, drinks, cakes, added to my porridge,added to desserts, etc
Funke Koleosho's Zobo (Sorrel) Milkshake

Today's recipe was discovered accidentally. I had run out of strawberry syrup and I wanted to make some milkshake. I used some of the zobo syrup I had made earlier instead and the result was different, and amazing....even better, it passed the taste test with the kids!

Check out the recipe below:

What you need
  • Chilled fresh milk (if you have no access to fresh milk, you can make some by diluting powdered milk with some water)
  • Plain ice-cream
  • Zobo syrup
  • Some runny honey (optional)

What to do
  1. First thing to do is make some syrup from some zobo (sorrel) petals. Wash the leaves and place in a blender with some hot water. 
  2. Blend into a pulp. 
  3. Sieve the blended leaves from the juice resulting from the blending process. 
  4. Transfer into a pan and add some brown sugar. 2 part of the zobo juice to 1 part of sugar. If you are sweet tooth you can increase the amount of sugar added. remember that you can still blend with apple juice later. Also add some spices such as ground cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg. A pinch of each spice is sufficient. Use more if preferred.
  5. Then heat up the mixture until all the sugar has dissolved. Under low heat, allow the mixture to thicken a little but try to avoid boiling. Allow to cool and store in a bottle for later use.. 
  6. Pour some chilled fresh milk into a blender, about 2 cups, then add 1-2 scoops of ice cream and half a cup of zobo syrup.  Add more or less as you prefer. Also add some runny honey to further sweeten the shake. This is optional. 
  7. Blend all ingredients together. 
  8. Serve cold.

Zobo (Sorrel) Milkshake

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