Coconut Rings

Coconut Rings
Here is a really nice and fun way to snack on Coconuts or to serve to your guests at a party as knickknacks...

Some find coconuts not too palatable because of its woody texture and dryness, but actual allowing them to dry in their shells produces a really delicious snack because their sugar content increases as well as their fat content..... don't worry coconut oil is healthy.

Slice and serve on their own or mix with other health snacks like dried berries nuts etc,

What you need
  • Whole coconut

Coconut Rings
what to do
  1. Select coconuts that have dried out in their shells. There will be no water left in them and when you shake them, you wont hear the movement of water. If there is still water in your coconut, consider piercing the eye of the coconut, drain the water and place in an oven under low heat for a few hours, or just place in a corner of your kitchen for a few days. This should dry out the coconut.
  2. Crack the shell carefully and remove whole coconut, ensuring the meat does not break to pieces...if this happens you can still slice, jut that you will not get perfect rings as shown in the picture. 
  3. Give the whole coconut a wash before slicing using a mandolin slicer. 
  4. Store in the refrigerator until needed. 
  5. Serve with other dried fruits or nuts of choice.

Coconut Rings

My recommended Mandolin Slicer

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