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Eat Wise...!

Eat Wise..!

It's that time of  year again, when the "whole world" makes resolutions to change one aspect of their life or the other. The main area, where people (in particular women), resolve to make changes, is their eating habits, their physical shape/size and general lifestyle...!

In the past, I have also struggled with maintaining my physical appearance and weight...., I have tried all sorts of routines and fads peddled as weight management and wellness programmes.... but the result, a back and forth pendulum of weight gain and weight loss. With these programmes, shedding the weight and keeping it down was difficult, took time and frustrating...!

Over many years of learning about different types of food and their components, and understanding what they provide and how they impact our bodies, I have become more "Food Aware". Today, I have better knowledge and appreciation for food items, respecting their individual attributes/properties and tapping into the benefits they offer, strictly for my benefits and enjoyment... In other words I Eat Wisely...!

When it comes to Eating Wisely (we all need to imbibe this mentality) I have come up and applied some tenets of my own...which i share with you below.

Get into the Mind Set
It all starts here. You must WANT to and have a desire for Eating Wisely. It has to be a decision that you have reached on your own based on the benefits you stand to enjoy by this. This desire also will sustain you through the entire course of practicing Eating Wisely.

Learn, Self Educate / Acquire New Knowledge
Search out information about food to enable you make informed choices, find alternatives and sensible swaps. There is a lot of information available about different food items. Find these information and apply religiously in order to make an impact on the way you view food and consume food.

Make the Right Changes
Be bold and adventurous enough to make necessary changes. Do not get stuck in the rot, but instead experiment, discover new options and try them out

Eat Right
The specifics of eating right include the following:
  • Portion Control: Control the amount of food you eat, use smaller plates to help you control portions. Eat more of foods such as vegetables, good fat and protein but eat less processed or simple carbohydrates.
  • Calorie control: All calories are not equal but be mindful of calories from processed foods or simple carbohydrates.
  • Vary your diet: introduce variety in your diet. ensuring you do not eat the same types of food day in day out...
  • Snack healthy: Choose what you snack on wisely, going only for more natural, less processed options such as nuts and fruits
  • Eat less sugar: Eat less sugar and sugar laden foods.
  • Choose only good Fats: stay well away from trans-fats or bleached, heavily processed fats. Choose oils like coconut oil, palm oil for your cooking and frying
  • Less Processed food: Plan your meals and cook your own food. This way you are sure what goes into its preparation.
  • Eat as raw as possible: Eat as much raw foods as possible in salads, snacks etc
  • Eat in moderation: Know when to draw a line when it comes to eating. Create limits for yourself and avoid food binges
  • Detox: Create a routine to regularly detoxify your system, Give the digestive system a rest...!

Maintain an Active LifeBe active...! Get into the routine of excising regularly to keep fit and expend energy

You may not notice changes instantly but trust me, overtime you will be amazed....



  1. Thank you funke..........but talking of protein, how do I get protein without getting the calories and fats it comes with? And please don't even mention beans because no matter how I cook it, I end up in the toilet, like always