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Here are your most viewed and most searched recipes of 2015…! This does not come to me as a surprise as I know that these dishes also represent some of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. Statistically, most of you, my readers find my blog through google / internet searches from places all over the world.

Aside from the expected places like my home country Nigeria and the USA & UK, some of my very avid readers some from unexpected places like the Netherlands Russia, India, Kenya, Indonesia and Germany!. Thank you all so much….. Your keen interest makes it all worthwhile for me.

So here are some of the recipes that caught your attention the most. Many of them were featured on other websites, magazines, promotional materials and event at events. I remember attending an event on Non Oil Exports in the UK, and was pleasantly surprised to see that images of some of my recipes were used on the PowerPoint slides presentation to demonstrate the future of Nigerian food...

Most wanted: Jollof Rice (also featured on Buzzfeed), Agbalumo Ice-Cream Cake, Nigerian Red Pepper Assorted Meat Stew, Moin Moin (referred to as "Moin Moin" with Class by a popular online Nigerian Weddings Magazine), Chin Chin (which was one of the most searched key words according to Google...

2015 Most Searched

Most Shared…: These were the most shared across social media. Plantain Tower, Yamarita, Doro Dodo Bucchi, Zobo Ogi and Green Rice.

Most Shared

Most Buzzed…These were the most buzzed about across social media. The Peppery Egg Pitta Pockets was tweeted by FoodGawker, Aganyin Beans Boats, Rolled Eba, Moin Moin Elewe and Ovaltine Cake

Most Buzzed


  1. Hi Funke, i must say i love reading your articles. And hope to see lots of wonderful content from you. I will visit again and again

    1. You will Gift...thanks so much for your interest.

  2. Funke, how r u, I followed your recipe and made gizzardo, it was a little bit okay, but I made a mess of the eba rolling, I had to just eat it like that, t'was fun though, thanks a lot. May God continue to bless you for me

    1. Hi Dave, well done for trying....I do get a little anxious when people try my recipes because I often worry that I have described the methods enough to help them get a good result. Glad to know the gizzardo turned out a little ok, cause its one of my simplest recipes really. I admit the rolled eba is quite tricky....even for me. All the same well done and hope you keep trying.

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