I See You...!

Funke Koleosho
Welcome to 2016…! (wooh hooh)

I want to start by thanking you all for the support I have received thus far. It’s so uplifting to know that you have so much interest in my work, and quite encouraging, personally, that I just want to keep going on.

It’s been quite an exciting culinary journey and I trust that you all are enjoying reading every single post and trying my recipes/food ideas, as much as I have so much delight in creating and presenting them to you.

The response that I am getting and the amount of additional interest the blog is generating from quarters that even I did not imagine, are simply, very fulfilling…! Thank you so much.

Many have asked me…where do I get my inspiration and what motivates me…. I tell them, I get inspiration from nature. The fact that God has bestowed us with so much that we can transform into food forms the crux of what motivates me.

I just want to “meet” “food”. I want to experiment.  I want to find out more. I want to discover more… I want to explore possibilities…. I want to break boundaries…with food…..  and in this process, I want to help others discover what I have discovered. I want them to benefit from my discoveries and ultimately, I want to help them gain “Food Freedom”, dare to try….don’t get stuck with only one type of cuisine…

I believe we should live beyond stereotypes, when it comes to food, but instead, embrace or at least try out, what people outside of your race have to offer. Truth is... all foods of the world, regardless of where they originate from, provide us with same basic nutrients and nourishment..! Bottom line. So because of this singular fact, I am still very keen to help people discover the foods from my place of origin.

This year, you can continue to expect a lot of creativity, focus on health & nutrition, infusions, excitement….in all my recipes. Be certain also that they would feature foods of West African origin…..

My aims continue to be; creating exciting wholesome food ideas, using food of West African origin, prepared and presented in creative ways, which make them food of interest to all…

Counting on your continued interest….



ps - picture - I see you through a coconut hoop/ring


  1. Happy new year you can definitely count on my continued interest x

    1. Abimars, thank you so much for your continued interest. Very much appreciated....

  2. Happy new year dear....don't worry...we are together *winks*

    1. Winks right back at you Oyindamola... Thanks so much for your continued interest..!

  3. Happy new year dear....don't worry...we are together *winks*

  4. Happy New year! you are such an inspiration.

    1. Hello ChiO, Thanks so much for your interest...wishing you a really rewarding new year...!

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