Puff Pops - Fondue Style

I always love how a simple meal can be turned into a memorable eating experience, one in which you make and keep lasting memories shared with friends/family.

Dining with others can be so relaxing and fulfilling. It creates an opportunity to escape into another world where so many of your senses are awakened.....I will choose the opportunity to wine and dine with friends/family any day! The only worry is, which food do I serve?

To create a memorable dining experience, I always go for dishes that titillate and tantalise my guests. The tastes, flavours, aromas, presentation must always make statements.....only this way can they remember.

The Fondue concept is an excellent example of how to create lasting dining memories because it is such a fun way to dine and share...The concept is so simple....and it involves a spread of different miniature nibbles served with a range of dips. The whole idea is to encourage dinner guests to pick and choose what they want and eat them in a fun exciting manner.

This Puff Pop Fondue is my first attempt at bringing this concept into Nigerian cuisine....and its been a really good first attempt. The only thing is, I need to add a few more varieties of nibbles and dips....

This is what I did:

Using my best Puff puff recipe, I created miniature puff pops  with some added sweetened chopped hibiscus flower leaves in a batch of it, and made the remaining batch plain. Then I made a sweet and tangy dip from cream cheese. Sweetened with hibiscus flower leaves syrup. Remember, its a Fondue so everything must be served hot or near hot....

Hope you enjoy it.

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