Wake Up & Smell The Zobo - (Zobo Instant Tea)

I have often heard people say the popular idiom....wake up and smell the coffee...! This usually means, that person should become alert and take cognisance of their environment....or they should come to their senses (perhaps if they are making a mistake or about to make a mistake).....I think the reference to coffee is because it is believed that it contains ingredients that can bring out this alertness/awareness!

In the same manner this idiom has been expressed in other forms.....such as wake up and smell the roses, wake up and smell the bacon, wake up and smell the mocha, or wake up and smell the java (last two are variants of coffee)....

So here comes another one........ "Wake Up and Smell the Zobo"

I keep emphasizing it, Zobo (or hibiscus flower tea, bissap, sobolo, roselle, sorrel) is so significant with so much potential, no wonder it has been designated the national drink of Senegal where it is locally called Bissap. Big brands like Lipton have also created tea bags of hibiscus tea...!

So here is my very own home made Instant Zobo Tea which I make in batches and store for later use,  in my pantry/larder.

As the name implies, it is great for making instant teas which can be drunk hot or cold. Wake up to sweet aroma of hot exciting tangy sweet tasting Instant Zobo Tea

What you need
  • Some good quality well dried hibiscus flower leaves

What to do
  1. First check through the hibiscus leaves ensure there no debris, chaff or dampness. 
  2. Then place a small amount of the dried leaves in the drill mill and grind. 
  3. Store in an air tight container or jar. Keep in a cool dry place. 
  4. To make a hot cup of hot zobo tea, place a heap teaspoon of ground hibiscus flower into a cup, add sugar and hot water. Allow to brew for a few minutes...and its ready
  5. To make some chilled tea, brew some tea following step 4 above, then chill in the fridge. Serve with some crushed ice.


  1. Hello, please which drilling mill did you use to crush the flowers?
    Thank you

    1. I recommend the power blender called Bullet... hope this helps.

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