Pineapple & Agbalumo (African Star Apple) Juice Drink

The African Star Apple is such a fruit that is most unlikely to be used in any recipe, and certainly in Nigeria, its a fruit that is mostly enjoyed eaten in its naturally ripe state.....(read more about Agbalumo here)

It has a unique taste and texture and up until recently, it is not utilised in any other way....other than just as a fruit to be eaten as a snack, in between meals. Today, I have encountered its use in desserts, especially, and in a couple of drinks.

The African star apple's unique taste is not comparable to any other fruit I have tasted, but one can describe its taste as a delicate combination of sweetness and sourness with a light fragrant aroma.... All these characteristics make this fruit a very worthy ingredient that can be used to make a variety of desserts and drinks...

In this post I share with you how I used the star apple to create a really refreshing and satisfying drink. I first made this drink over a week ago and I decided to drink it over this period to try and determine any special qualities or nutritionally beneficial effects.

First of all, I did not use the flesh of the African star apples directly, but first macerated in some sugar to mellow than the harshness of the taste of the fruit. The maceration added to the overall enjoyment of the this is something to bear in mind.

Because of the added water, the resultant drink is a juice drink. Other than the small amount of sugar used to macerate the African star apple, the drink did not require additional sweeteners, because the pineapple provided all the natural sweetness. The star apples also provided an addictive sourness which found me drinking more than two glasses...!

My verdict, it was a really hydrating drink. I served it with a lot of ice, so it had a cooling effect as well as giving a general sense of satisfaction. Several hours later after drinking, I was still feeling quite hydrated, not feeling any urgent need for a drink of water, especially in this very hot weather of Lagos...!

So could this drink really be the best tasting hydrating drink I have ever drunk...or couldn't this be a really sensible swap for all those sugar laden fizzy drinks?

Currently in Nigeria, African star apples are slowly vanishing from market stalls as they are gradually going out of season, so if you are still able to get your hands on some, then you must try this drink.

What you need
---Some African star apples (peel and remove the red flesh of the fruit and macerate with some sugar for at least 3 days. This helps to mellow down the harshness of the taste of the fruit. Learn how to macerate it here ).
---Large well ripened pineapple
---500ml of fresh clean spring water (or any table or drinking water would do)
---Some sugar
---For garnish, thinly slice one of the star apples

What to do
1. Wash and peel the pineapple and chop into large chunks. Place the pineapple chunks in a blender and add some of the macerated star apple.
2. Then add the water. Blend all ingredients together and strain using a fine sieve. Strain twice to get a really smooth blend with no bits from the fruits.
3. To serve, place some of the star apple slices in a glass, with some ice, then pour over the drink and enjoy.


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