Simply Boiled Plantains

Plantains are just so versatile, and contrary to what you might have heard about them, they are a healthy source of slow release energy....!

There are several ways of preparing and serving them.....baking, frying, roasting, mashing, pounding, making into snacks etc. What you make them into or how you process them is determined by their stage of ripeness. Read more about plantains here.

I love plantains and have several recipes on then (Check here for more recipes on plantains )

I want you to get inspired by this simple plantain dish. No fuss, ready in a few minutes, especially if you already have some rich and smooth red pepper sauce/stew.

The highlight of this dish goes to the sleek arrangement of the evenly sliced boiled plantain.......hmmm Simply gorgeous....

Make some as served with what ever you fancy. Mine is served with some stewed turkey....

What you need
To make the boiled plantains:
You need ripe plantains

What to do
Place enough water into a deep base pot and add a pinch of salt. Then place your un-skinned plantains in and allow to boil for about 10 minutes. When boiled/soft, remove the plantain from the pot and carefully remove the skin. Then using a sharp knife, slice across its with, into thin even slices. Serve with any any side of choice, preferably vegetable stews......


  1. Appetite-inducing food presentation. #smiles.
    Boiling plantains with their skin on gives the plantain a unique texture. Well done.

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