Plantain Toasties & Scrambled Eggs #NewNigerianCuisine

So I was feeling like having some toast and after making a couple slices, I mean toasted bread, my eyes caught some plantains which I had in my larder, then the idea to toast plantains came to I did.

Traditionally, plantains are fried, boiled, roasted or cooked with other ingredients. So I am exploring another method to enjoy this healthy, slow release energy source. After all the #NewNigerianCuisine movement is all about experimenting with ingredients and cooking utensils....abi..? So how did it turn out?

Verdict & Observations

Toasting plantain in a toaster is another way of cook it and quite similar to roasting or baking. The resulting dish had a taste which can only be described as something between the taste of fried plantain (dodo) and roasted plantain (booli).

It is a simple and super fast way to cook plantains and it hassle free, All you need do is slice the plantain as thinly as possible then place in the toaster until well cooked. The thickness of the sliced plantain and the temperature/time setting of the taster have a large role to play in ensuring the plantains cook through.

Toasting plantains will instantly extend your breakfast options. Serving them with scrambled eggs for breakfast or as a light meal,  makes a really delicious meal and also quite balanced in terms of health. The eggs will supply you with protein while the plantains will supply slow release energy. So rather than fry plantains you can toast them.

Plantain Toasties

What you need

  • Just ripe plantains. (do not use overripe ones)
  • Some salt
  • Some butter

What to do
  1. Peel the plantains and slice them thinly about the thickness of sliced bread. The thinner the slices, the quicker they will cook. 
  2. Rub the plantains with some salt and a little butter. This is optional
  3. Then place the slices into a toaster and toast until the plantains cook through. This may require you pushing down the spring of the toaster a couple of times. The time you take to achieve this is dependent on the thickness of the slices, as I said, and of course your preference of how toasted you would like them.
  4. Serve with scrambled eggs.


  1. You can also microwave it skin on for 5-6 mins depending onthe size. Leave for a min in the microwave to simmer

    1. thanks for your input...the microwave method is great too. though i feel the toaster creates a different taste in the plantain.

  2. For health reasons grill in the oven rather than microwave. But toasting is sure a new & interesting way to cook! Can I steal your recipe?��

  3. Would a sandwich toaster work too?

  4. Would a sandwich toaster work too?

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