"Riced" Vegetables - Funke Koleosho's New Nigerian Cuisine

"Riced" Vegetables

Riced Vegetables or ricing vegetables is my new thing....First it was spiralized vegetables, I have now added "Riced" vegetables to my list of dishes I eat as part of the plan to increase my vegetable intake.

So essentially, ricing vegetables involve cutting them into grain size pieces...essentially making them look like rice...! Very easy. This "Riced" vegetables can then be steamed and served with a good sauce, or they can be added to other dishes. Its fun and exciting to eat. You can binge on it and feel no guilt what so ever.

How to "Rice" Vegetables:
Generally many vegetables can be riced but some are more suited for the process. My Favourites include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and courgettes. The Nigerian squash (agbeje) will also be suitable for ricing.

1. Chopping board - The vegetables are chopped finely using a board. Care should be taken to ensure the pieces are even in size as much as possible.

2. Cheese grater - The vegetables are passed through the grater to create even small pieces. Using this method may lead to some loss of moisture from the veggies.

3. Food Processor - The vegetables are placed in a food processor which has a setting for chopping.  Do not use settings that will mince or blend. The result will be a mush or puree of the vegetables.

How to cook Riced Vegetables
Once you have riced the vegetables, it takes seconds literary to cook them. So do not boil or overcook riced veggies.

They are best steamed using a steamer, cooking pot or micro-wave. Ensure you add only drops of water if you must. They can also be added to stir fry dishes or sautees or even soups or stews. Ensure they go in last...!

That's it....Start Ricing



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