Black Panther - #WakandanCuisine

Wakanda Jollof Rice, Plantains, Prawns, Gizzard, Aganyin Beans Puree,
Steamed Rice & Red Pepper Stew.
I watched the "Black Panther", and I absolutely loved it..! full "on the edge" action from start to finish...! The cast, the effects, the story line, all ticked my boxes. I am so proud of the movie. I loved it...needless to say. Loved the whole concept of a futuristic African country; called Wakanda, waoh, I cant wait to see the sequel(s). 😊😊😊😊💛💛💛💛💛💛

Howwwwwever.....there were certain things that were missing in the movie... (in my opinion)..! Being a foodie, I waited anxiously through the movie to get a little inkling into what the people of Wakanda have for food..! you know; the type of things they eat... but other than a joke made by one of the clan leaders, suggesting they are vegetarians (ooopss spoiler), there was nothing else to shine any light on the type of food Wakandans eat...!

Wakanda is an Afro-futuristic country, located, most probably in sub Saharan Africa... This fact makes it easy to try to visualise and imagine the sort of food the Wakandans eat...

I am from West Africa and through out the movie, I could see a lot of influences from West Africa particularly in the costumes, some cultural beliefs / behaviours and especially fashion and make-up... So my conclusion is Wakandan cuisine will bear close similarities with West African some degree I presume. I believe it will be made up with elements from different parts of sub-Saharan Africa, by this I mean,  ingredients, spices and methods of cooking. also Wakandan cuisine will feature a great deal of fusion from other parts of the world.

So off I went to explore some of the possibilities for Wakandan cuisine....

Find below some of the dishes I imagined the Wakandan people eat (would be eating)....

I present, Wakandan Cuisine...which quite honestly has similarities to my long held vision for West African food of the future...!

PS.... if you have not yet seen the movie, hurry along and go watch it now...!

Assorted Meat & Veggie Stew, Rice Balls & Stew, Plantain covered Mackerel,
Gari & Okra Gumbo, Jumbo Prawns with spicy Dip

Exotic, Aromatic Spices, Okra Prawns & Dried Fish Gumbo, Eba Balls

Maize Meal & Groundnuts Energy Balls, Yam & Fish Balls,
Hibiscus Cake, Mulled Hibiscus Syrup with Ice-Cream


  1. Funke, Wakanda is a land locked area with no access to shrimp.
    Just saying sis.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Wakanda might be land locked, we don't know for sure but if you watched the film, you would have noticed that the king was challenged to battle in this pool of water from the great waterfall, also the king was thrown into a large body of water and he was later rescued by fishermen....! Surely they would have had some sort of seafood going...!


  2. There is fresh water shrimp too, my sister, so don't worry.

  3. I totally love what you did, coming up with these recipes is totally amazing.

  4. Where can I find the recipes? I'm new to this website

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