Bread & Stew

The typical Nigerian meal features a carb rich side, served with a bowl of vegetable soup/stew, which would contain some assortments of meat and/or seafood. The truth is there are many times you don't want to eat a traditional meal, all you want is something light and quick to put together.

I often enjoy to eat bread and stew simply for the fact that it is quick to prepare, no ceremonies about it. All you require is good quality bread and some pre-made red pepper sauce. In actual fact, bread is eaten with what we call in Nigeria ""Stew", which really is a sauce made with red peppers, tomatoes and onions. (Check out a recipe here).

So to make my stew more interesting and wholesome, I decided to add a few more protein elements to it, in the form of left over boiled cow-peas and shredded roast chicken.It was enjoyable and very filling.

PS.... not every time swallow swallow, transform bread and stew into proper lunch...!

What you need
  • Pre-made tomato and red pepper sauce (Get recipe here)
  • Left over boiled cow-peas
  • Left over shredded chicken
  • Agege bread

What to do
  1. Place some pre-made sauce into a small sauce pan and allow to simmer for a few minutes. This will also help reduce the sauce and thicken it to your liking. 
  2. Then add the cow-peas and chicken. You can also add pre-cooked vegetables such as mushrooms, courgettes etc, according to your preference.
  3. Allow all to simmer together, then serve with some slices of bread.

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