Moin Moin & Eko in a Salad

We all have days when we just want to do absolutely no cooking at all, curl-up on the sofa, switch on our favourite TV show and just laze around....all day, day in day out.... however, that does not stop the pangs of hunger hitting though, so what does one do...!?

So on those days that I get to cook, I cook a lot, I mean a lot of different dishes and delicacies, and store them up in my freezer, for those days when you don't want to do any thing...!

Confident that I would always find something to rustle up, I raided my fridge and freezer, I found different things, but based on my craving, I opted for some moin moin and eko. (Eko is made by boiling maize pap and allowing it to solidify into a jellylike dough. By the way, this also freezes well and once you are ready to eat it, pop it into a microwave for a few minutes, trust me it tastes as good as fresh.)

Because I was looking for something light, I pondered on making a form of salad with Moin Moin & Eko...

Easy, satisfying and delicious, did I forget, nutritionally balanced. That's it, Lunch is served..!

What you need

What to do
  1. Cut the moin moin and eko into small bite size chunks, shell the eggs and slice. 
  2. Arrange all components on a plate. Ready to eat...!

Moin Moin & Eko in a Salad


  1. Hello ma. I love your blog and I must say you are a creative cook. Thumbs up on this recipe ma

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