Loving Mum... Everyday!

It takes a Mother's Love to make a house a home, Millet stalk bush tea serve with cakes. It takes a Mother's Patience, to bring a child up right, It takes a Mother's Kindness to forgive us when we err, It takes a Mother's Wisdom to recognize and assist us to meet our needs It takes a Mother's Endless Faith, her Confidence and Trust to guide us through the pitfalls and successes of life. Who could fulfil these roles in your life as completely as your MOTHER!

Millet Stalk Tea

You should love mum everyday not just on Mother’s day. She has contributed somehow to make you what you are today. Respect, her, revere her, honour her, be kind to her, treat her, at every opportunity that you get.

Preserve your Mum 
Make mum live longer for you! Forget about those expensive anti-ageing creams and food supplements. Four ways you can preserve your mum...

Do your bit to help her lead a stress free life. Be helpful, dependable, reliable, hard working, live a stable life. Make her worry less about you.

Treat her. Thank her for all she has done for you, appreciate her. Find opportunities to buy her gifts, take her out, do something special with her.

Ensure that she gets her steady supply of food with super nutrients which will help to maintain a good health. There is a wide range of Nigerian supper foods which include different exotic fruits and vegetables. Most people swear by the millet stalk bush tea for instance, to be bursting with antioxidants! Make time to cook her favourite meals.

Finally, in whatever you do, make her proud of you. Keep her happy and smiling.

So you see my friends, loving mum cannot be a one day affair….Love Mum Everyday!


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