Red Palm Oil, A Miracle Oil?

 Red Palm Oil (pic: Dr Oz says so...

Palm oil originates from West Africa and is used in everyday cooking and life. My grandmother used nothing else in her cooking!

Palm oil is now cultivated in other parts of the world particularly Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently these two countries are the highest producers and exporters of the oil which have found real use in so many aspects of life and living.

There have been some concerns about environmental issues and wildlife preservation stemming from the methods used in cultivating the Palm fruit tree from which oil is extracted. There are campaigners who are against the continued cultivation and utilisation of palm oil based on these issues.

From as far back as in the late sixties and seventies, there have been campaigns against palm oil, I suspect, to create a market for the European Olive oil!

Palm oil was portrayed as bad and unhealthy and must not be touched. Rather than used for cooking, palm oil was (ironically) used (and is still used) more in the food manufacturing and cosmetics industries.

The notion that palm oil is bad for health remained in peoples' minds for many years until recently when new research work is shedding more light on the nutritional benefits of this very rich, mis-understood oil.

All my knowledge of the properties of Palm oil were validated when I saw Dr Oz's video on Palm oil! I was so pleased about their findings that I decided to write this post to share with my readers.

Watch the full video here

Dr Oz's Red Palm Oil Review

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