Rice Balls

Wondering what to do with left over rice...make rice balls!

Rice Balls
Rice balls make excellent starters or party finger foods/canapés. The better tasting rice balls will be moist inside, crispy outside and ideally be stuffed with flavourful, well spiced/seasoned meat, fish or vegetables (depending on what you fancy).

In this recipe, I am using left over Risotto Style Coconut & Mushroom rice in one of my previous recipes/posts. Find recipe here. You can also use any left over rice such as Jollof rice or white rice mixed with red pepper sauce.

You can use any of your favourite rice recipes but ensure it produces a rich, moist rice dish. I find that the use of sticky/starchy rice with coconut milk/cheese can help you to achieve this.

What you need
  • Some previously cooked rice (in this recipe I have used one from one of my previous recipes)
  • Egg white
  • Breadcrumbs

For the stuffing: choose your stuffing according to your preference. This could be meat or chicken or fish or vegetable pieces. You stuffing need to be prepared and cooking prior to use. Ensure stuffing are diced into small bits and well seasoned. You may choose to sauté the diced pieces to help develop flavours in the stuffing. In this recipe I used shrimps.

What to do
  1. Scoop about 50g of rice. Also scoop a small (about 10-15g) portion of your stuffing.
  2. With clean hands flatten the rice on a piece of cling film and place the stuffing in the centre.
  3. Carefully mould the rice around and over the stuffing into a ball.
  4. Drop the rice balls (one ball at a time) into the egg white and roll over a bed of breadcrumbs. Ensure the rice balls are well coated with the crumbs, then set aside for about 15 minutes.
  5. Pre-heat oven to 180oC
  6. Cook the rice balls in the over for about 25 minutes or until evenly browned on the outside.
  7. Serve

Rice Balls with Shrimps stuffing

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