Sorrel (Zobo) Cake, Mixed Fruits & Sorrel Syrup

This is another really exciting creation. The presentation is fantastic, which I believe goes a long way in whetting appetite.

I would like to believe I have been able to create the "healthiest cake in the world"..... The cake was baked with less sugar, less fat and sorrel petals, which significantly adds to fibre content of the cake.

Sorrel Cake. Mixed Fruits & Sorrel Syrup

Again, serving the cake with a generous amount of mixed fruits creates the "illusion" of health.....hehehe. Well there is nothing wrong in indulging once in a while. The sorrel syrup has a really exciting acidic taste which cuts through all the sweetness of the sugar.

This dessert is really tastes different and quite different from the norm. It certainly is worth trying out.

Sorrel Cake. Mixed Fruits

As mentioned earlier, I am still developing the recipe and will share in due time. But below are some of the things I used. Contact me for full details...
  • Sorrel petals (I used the dried ones because they were the ones I could lay my hands on. I imagine the fresh sorrel will be equally good, perhaps produce more acidic taste.)
  • Sugar (you cannot really avoid the use of sugar when making desserts)
  • A mixture of your favourite fruits. Would have loved to use some Nigerian fruits like iyeye (hog plum) awin, velvet tamarind etc.....
  • Good quality ice-cream ( It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to make my own sorrel ice-cream some day.)
  • Edible flowers. These are essential for making the presentation pop.
Sorrel Cake. Mixed Fruits & Sorrel Syrup

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