Sorrel (Zobo) Cake with Sorrel Gelee, Ice-cream & Mixed Fruits

Funke Koleosho's Sorrel Cake Dessert Recipe

I was really excited to serve up this dessert to my family. The idea is so simple and not at all complicated. I achieved success with the very first attempt.

This dessert presents an explosion of tastes and flavours, making your taste buds really excited. The major challenge was extracting the essence out of the dried sorrel petals and achieving the right consistency with it. Subsequently the rest was a breeze.

Sorrel cake, sorrel gelee, Ice-cream & mixed fruits

The basic ingredients required include:
  • Sorrel petals (I used the dried ones because they were the ones I could lay my hands on. I imagine the fresh sorrel will be equally good, perhaps produce more acidic taste.)
  • Sugar (you cannot really avoid the use of sugar when making desserts.)
  • Gelatin sheets (This is essential for making the gelee or jelly)
  • Sorbet stabilizer (a food additive which helps to stabilise the gelee or sorbet.)
  • A mixture of your favourite fruits. Would have loved to use some Nigerian fruits like iyeye (hog plum) awin, velvet tamarind etc..... Looking forward to that day...
  • Good quality ice-cream (I am in the process of getting my own ice-cream maker. It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to make my own sorrel ice-cream some day.
  • Edible flowers. These are essential for making the presentation pop.

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Sorrel cake, sorrel gelee, Ice-cream & mixed fruits

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