Spicy Steamed (White & Red) Cabbage

Funke Koleosho's Spicy Steamed (White & Red) Cabbage

I am not a vegetarian but sometimes I just tire of eating meat or fish and crave something with just vegetables that still tastes like a normal meal to me....normal being something spicy served with my beloved spicy red pepper sauce, or what Nigerians generally call stew. (Get a recipe for making Nigerian Stew here)

I am so used to eating full flavoured, excitingly spicy, tasting meaty or fishy soups and stews, my taste buds sort of crave it now and again.

From all my research and findings about food and nutrition, I do know that  eating lots of fruits & vegetables and limiting the amount of meat I consume has major health benefits, so I tend not to eat meat more than twice a week, eating instead lots of vegetables.

It used to be quite challenging finding a suitable alternatives on days when I decide to go meat free. The most obvious thing to do is to knock up a fish dish or pulses such as beans or nuts. As a food adventurer, this also could become monotonous over time.

I am constantly looking for ways to enjoy my veggies such that I do not really feel I am missing out on great tastes, flavours and texture. I have experimented with a variety of vegetables cooking them in different ways.

White & Red Steamed Cabbage served with Ata Dindin

I have established a long time ago how versatile the Nigerian Stew and the Ata Dindin are. They can be served with a wide range of other dishes particularly rice, spaghetti, yam, plantain, all the know Nigerian staples etc/ They are also excellent for Nigerian style vegetables. In a country where Nigerian vegetables cannot readily be found, the Nigerian stew is also excellent served with western vegetables like spinach, broccoli cauliflower, courgettes, asparagus, runner beans, kale, etc. Check out some of my previous recipes served this way here. Peppered Veggies & Peppered Mixed Vegetables.

In today's post I share one of my favourite ways of eating cabbage. Simple, I steam it in the traditional way, then serve with some Nigerian Stew or Ata Dindin. Fast and easy wholesome and healthy meal. I occasionally serve with other dishes to complete a meal or I serve with some fresh steamed fish to make a complete meal on its own. Steaming the traditional way in banana leaves helps to keep the texture of the cabbage, with the most incredible firmness and crunch which I believe makes the dish all the more enjoyable.

Use red and white cabbages to give your dish a more visual appearance and also increase health benefits (red cabbage has more vitamin A).

Try it

Spicy Steamed Cabbage

What you need
  • White and red cabbage (use both in combination to give a visually appealing dish. But you can also use either alone, depending on which one you can easy source in your area)
  • Pre made Ata Dindin or Nigerian Style Stew
  • Some Fresh fish (optional)
  • Nigerian moin moin leaves or banana leaves for steaming

What to do
  1. Slice the cabbage thinly and steam using the broad leaves. Steam for about 8 minutes or until soft depending on the thickness of your slices. 
  2. If you cannot get leaves, you can use other methods of steaming vegetables as preferred. The key thing is to ensure the vegetables are not overcooked and become soggy.
  3. Once cooked serve the steamed cabbage with a generous amount of Ata Dindin or Nigerian style stew. 
  4. If using, steam your fish also or grill as preferred, serve with the cabbage, again with some ata dindin or Nigerian style stew. Enjoy your meal.

Spicy Steamed White & Red Cabbage


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