Spicy Eggy Toast

Funke Koleosho's Spicy Eggy Toast

I am revisiting a rather old breakfast recipe today. This actually takes me back many many years ago when I first had a taste of an eggy bread (a variation of toad in a hole). It was soggy and greasy, and even though I ate it with delight because it was something different to what I had ever had and relatively tasty, I rarely made it for myself. I only had it in other peoples' homes!

Due to the way it is made and the ingredients used, the eggy bread has received a lot of bashing concerning how healthy the dish is. It is typically made by soaking stale bread in whisked egg and then fried in some butter or lard. In those days, this method was viewed as one which brought life back into stale bread that would otherwise be thrown away.

In an attempt to experience this dish again, I decided to make it for the very first time ever, and of course put my spin on it.

For one, I decided to use fresh bread instead of stale. I then added some elements of African spice and I toasted the bread to give it a dry and tasted final outlook! Addition of spice contributed some really intense flavours and toasting made the final outcome crispy rather than soggy as it often is.

Check out how I made it below:

Spicy Egg Toast with Soft Boiled Eggs

What you need
  • Fresh bread. You may choose whole meal of or any type of bread you prefer. Choose the chunky sliced ones
  • Eggs
  • Some Spicy ata din din sauce (see recipe here). Alternatively use left over Nigerian style red pepper sauce.
  • Salt
  • Butter

What to do
  1. Crack the eggs into a large bowl and add some teaspoons of the spicy sauce. The amount you add depends on your preference for spices. 
  2. Whisk egg and sauce together. Add a pinch of salt and mix. Then drop each slice into the whisked eggs and allow it to soak. 
  3. Meanwhile drop a knob of butter into a hot pan and allow to melt. Then place the soaked slices into the pan and allow to fry until golden brown own each side.
  4. Immediately place over a hot panini grill/press or any other bread toaster with similar functions. The use of the panini press actually helps to dry out the toast making it less soggy but more crispy and crunchy. 
  5. Serve with some additional soft boiled eggs which have been chopped and mixed with some more spicy sauce.

Plain Spicy Eggy Toast

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