Zobo Jelly Apple Cups

Funke Koleosho's Zobo Jelly Apple Cups

My daughter is fun loving and quite creative too. She loves to try new things especially snacky snacks or desserts/sweet recipes. The other day she cored out an apple and when I saw it, I exclaimed, you can fill that up with some exciting stuff...! to which she nodded in agreement.

So what do we fill a cored out apple with. It had to be something that would complement the tangy sweet taste of fresh royal gala apples. Not something that would change in taste or curdle/coagulate, so yogurt and ice-cream were out of consideration.

Over the next couple of days, what to fill the apple cups with lingered in my mind and eventually I decided to create some sort of fruit salad cups that will be perfect to serve at children's party. So I went to work.

I figured that chopping up a variety of fruits with different tastes and contrasting levels of acidity will be perfect. Also, in order to ensure that cups are spill proof, I decided to fill them up with jelly to set every thing in place!

Unfortunately, for this recipe I was only able to lay my hands on grape...! But the recipe can work with any other types of fruits that you fancy. Your kids would love them!

Check out recipe below

What you need
  • Fresh firm apples
  • Seedless grapes
  • zobo (hibiscus flower) syrup
  • Gelatin sheet
  • Sugar

What to do
  1. Ensure the apples you choose are fresh ans till quite firm to touch. Then carefully slice off one end of the apple. The scoop out the flesh of the apple taking care not to perforate the side or base of the apple. 
  2. Then wash the grapes and cut them into pieces that would fit into the apple cup. Also save the apple flesh cored out for later use. Chop into small pieces and use in step 5.
  3. Make some syrup by boiling zobo with some sugar. Add enough water to enable the release of essence from the zobo petals. 
  4. Remove from heat and add 1-2 sheets of gelatin. Stir together to ensure the  gelatin dissolves completely. 
  5. When the solution is cool to touch, place some of the chopped fruits into the apple cups then fill with the syrup. Place in the fridge to set. 
  6. Serve when completely set.

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