Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup

Continuing on with spiralizing my favourite Nigerian vegetables....I present Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup. (Learn a little more about Spiralizing Nigerian Vegetables/Fruits here).

Fish pepper soup with some added yam or plantain chunks, is quite familiar to most Nigerians. The difference in my Yam Noodle Soup include:

I used spiralized yam to give an element of excitement and visual appeal. Also this way the yam cooks much quicker, retaining nutrients. It also helps to control the amount of carbs that go into the soup because they give the illusion of bulk.

Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup
The typical Nigerian fish pepper soup is made with either catfish or tilapia. These fish are healthy and delicious ONLY if they are caught wild. There is a growing concern for farmed catfish and tilapia so I tend to eat less of them. Instead, in this recipe I have used croaker fish fresh from the Atlantic ocean...!

I used chicken stock for my soup. This was made by boiling the chicken with added fresh tomatoes and red peppers. These two ingredients add a lot of body and texture to the resulting stock.

Yam Noodle & Fish Pepper Soup

Soups are great served as a light meal and adding ingredients to make them nutritionally balanced makes them a good choice for all of us and especially those on a calorie control weight loss plan.

This recipe is one of my many food ideas in which I am encouraging you to try something different. So you can use your own preferred pepper soup recipe....but at the final stage of cooking, you add spiralized yam noodles for a more balanced, filling and delicious meal.

"The noodles cook literally in seconds, so be careful not to overcook them so they don't crumble into the soup."


Yam Noodle Soup

Spiralized Yam (Yam Noodles)

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  1. I love this blog and your recipes. I don't see the typed recipe and method for the yam noodle and fish pepper soup. It looks so yummy I would love to make it. Thanks

    1. Hiya Aisava, thanks for dropping by....this post was more about explaining how to use yam noodles in soups... Wish to thank you for your interest...

  2. this looks so mouth watering. I have recently developed an interest in Nigerian food. the first thing Im trying is jollof rice. great blog.

  3. hi ya, good stuff on your page. but i would really have loved to get this recipe(if you dont mind) esp how to incorporate the spiralised yam into the p/soup

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