Jollof Rice Salad

If you haven't already done so, you have to read my previous post on "no cooking but fridge raiding days"...! (Check it out here) Still continuing in the mood, I have also come up with something light to have for lunch without actually cooking....God help you that you have some left overs of the key ingredients in your fridge.

Jollof is arguably Nigeria's national dish, yet we only ever seem to eat it in a one-dimensional way. Though it could sometime be served with salad (typically a coleslaw) but it is never as a salad.

My concept for this recipe is clear, I wanted to enjoy this delicious rice dish with a variety of my favourite salad vegetables. I was also looking for a light lunch idea that requires very little effort to make.

All you require for this dish, is some pre cooked jollof rice. You also need a lot of your favourite salad ingredients. finito...!

I am currently obsessing over red cabbage at the moment, so I thought it would be visually appealing to serve my salad in a cabbage bowl, in the process increase my intake of vegetables... Its all good stuff. So try it out..

What you need
  • Left over jollof rice (get recipe here)
  • Stewed chicken
  • Plantain fries (Aka Dodo)n 
  • Salad leaves of choice
  • Red cabbage (white cabbage can also be used)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Ata din din (used as salad dressing) See recipe here

What to do
  1. Carefully cut the whole cabbage side ways and remove sheath of the it, to create the bowl. Soak the cabbage bowl in some salted water to allow to soften a little and also add some flavour
  2. Heat up you jollof rice and add some ata din din to give it flavour. 
  3. Then carefully arrange all the different components into the cabbage bowl. 
  4. Explore your creativity.
  5. Serve as a warm salad

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