Plantain & Bean Hummus

Beans and plantains are a foodie match. Their tastes and flavours, textures complement each other so well.

As one gets older, it's advised to make plant proteins the primary source of protein, and in Nigerian cuisine, beans (cow-peas) features prominently on the list of vegetables with high protein content. Beans also have high fibre, not forgetting other minerals and vitamins.

So I am always trying out new things with beans, just so that I do not get bored eating them or get stuck on just one way of eating them..! Check out my Beans Hummus & Bread recipe here.

One new way I enjoy eating beans is to make a paste out of them, similar to making hummus...actually my new Bean Paste dish is essentially fashioned after Hummus made from chickpeas...

The result is fantastic, healthy and versatile. Can be eaten any time of the day and super healthy.

What you need
  • Ripe plantain
  • Cooked cowpeas
  • Salt and Black pepper
  • Coconut oil
  • Aganyin sauce (see recipe here)

What to do 
  1. Slice the plantain across its length and deep fry until golden brown. 
  2. Place the cooked beans in a food processor, add a pinch of salt and black pepper to season, a dash of coconut oil and some water to aid blending. 
  3. Then blend into a smooth or coarse paste, depending on your preference. 
  4. Serve

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