Yam Patties with Tete & Grilled Fish

I love to create dishes that my guests marvel at, when served. I am particularly really thrilled when they ask me....is this Nigerian food...?

There so many food ingredients of Nigerian origin that can be used in so many ways to create great tasting and great looking dishes, similar to those, perhaps even better than those, found in other parts of the world.

Yam Patties with Tete & Fried Fish
In my journey to keep searching out these new creations with Nigerian food ingredients, I present yam patties...

I offer a private dining service and this particular dish is one of the popular ones for my private diners....

Yam Patties with Tete & Fried Fish
All you need: yam, a balanced combination of spices and condiments, fish, tete (amaranth leaves) and some red/green peppers.

To really experience this, email: funke at contemporarynigeriancuisine.com


  1. This looks fantastic....

  2. this looks awesome with nice texture

  3. Oh bummer! I was so looking forward to getting the recipe!

    1. Sorry Enny...just haven't really got round to posting the full recipe..

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